For Industries

Doxel tracks progress on complex construction across industries like Data Centers, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more.

Automated construction progress

Powerful analytics and easy tools to track schedule, validate quantities installed, and mitigate risks


Construction's only complete tracking solution

Doxel tracks all visible trades and over 80+ stages of construction, capturing even the smallest of details that can cause delays or trade stacking.

Powerful tools for the office and the field

Software that makes more work for the team doesn’t work. Doxel gives Project Executives objective visibility while Superintendents who use Doxel spend 95% less time manually tracking progress.

Mitigate risk, introduce reliability & predictability

Pictures only help with investigation, Doxel helps you mitigate and solve problems. Project leaders using Doxel are able to accelerate schedules by 11% on average and save 10% on monthly cash flow.

How it works

Only Doxel tracks all visible trades and analyzes your site with the most comprehensive image recognition in the construction industry

Send us the BIM

That’s it, no VDC work for your team. We’ll do the rest and get you started in less than 2 weeks

Walk the Site

A crew member walks the site as they normally do. The 360 camera mounted to a hard hat captures everything

Image recognition

Doxel AI analyzes the video, tracks all trades, over 80+ stages of construction, and compares to your BIM model and schedule.

The information that we get is just fantastic… and there’s a lot of different applications that this could be used for. Let’s use Doxel for projections, manpower scheduling, for weekly production tracking, for images. The uses of this are endless. The benefits are almost limitless.
Brandon Bergener

Sr. Superintendent, Layton Construction

Owners of companies can feel more comfortable because they can see where a project is really at.
Brandon Bergener

Sr. Superintendent, Layton Construction

With Doxel, we’re getting to solutions faster.
Allistar Machacek

Sr. VDC, McCarthy Building Companies

Its going to help you in accuracy in monitoring billing and timeliness in being able to do it with a lot more efficiency.
Corrisa Bolls

Sr. Project Engineer, Level10 Construction

Doxel is a big favorite with the owner. We show the graphic report and the CFO can see where the project is at.
Todd Gantter

Sr. Project Superintendent, Sundt Construction

Makes the job easier for everyone on your team


Mitigate schedule & budget risk on capital investments.

Project Executives

Easily accessible, objective, real time visibility on project progress from anywhere.


Visual and detailed progress tracking that prevents delays, over-billing, re-work, and trade stacking.

VDC/BIM Engineers

Help your team choose the right tools and get the most out of BIM, every day in the field.

Reliable and powerful for even the most complex construction


Industry average overbilling, eliminated by objective data


Reduction in billing friction with visual data as backup


Faster project delivery from increased labor productivity


Less time manually tracking progress with AI automation

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