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Doxel tracks progress on complex construction across industries like Data Centers, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more.


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Physical and Mental Wellness Support

Comprehensive healthcare, dental, vision benefits, disability, life insurance, and other resources.

Vacation & Leave

Relax and recharge with Doxel’s unlimited PTO policy. The average Doxilian takes over 3 weeks of time off per year.

Remote & Productive Work Environment

Doxel provides a generous stipend and internet reimbursement plan to help outfit your remote working space. Doxel’s culture is built to be inclusive of remote, in office, and hybrid employees.


We are looking for motivated, curious, and creative people who want to help us transform the construction industry.

Let’s create something amazing together.

David Brody, Manager, Data Processing
The most important quality on my team is an interest and willingness to ask questions. When people are asking questions it means they’re thinking about the next steps, are thinking critically, and will end up learning more.
David Cortez, Manager, Data Capture
I look for people who are fascinated with Artificial Intelligence and who are highly motivated and self-sufficient. Being a Data Capture Coordinator in the field, you need to be able to work through issues on your own sometimes. Having the right mentality about problem-solving and getting the job done is very important.
Manasvini Ganesh, Software Engineer
Ownership and ability to have an impact is something really powerful that helps you grow. When you have ownership over a product you can research how others have solved similar problems, and then come up with a solution that works. Over the past year, I’ve become so much more confident that no matter what requirement comes up I feel I can handle it. That growth in confidence and ownership is something that has come from my work here at Doxel.
Tanaya Wasnik, Product Operations Analyst
One thing that stands out to me about Doxel is just how collaborative and helpful people have been here. It hasn’t mattered if I’ve been talking to a software engineer, a VDC engineer, or a product manager, everyone here has been very helpful and encouraging to me.