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Doxel tracks progress on complex construction across industries like Data Centers, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more.


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About Doxel



What is Doxel?

Doxel is the construction industry’s only complete progress tracking solution. Owners and general contractors use Doxel to track quantities installed, percent complete, production rates, validate pay applications, and validate change orders. With Doxel, teams stay on track with hard data transformed into visualizations like a 3D model of current work in place, photo documentation, schedule reports, and a production calculator. It’s easy to validate and see where the project is at and how it has changed over time.

What is automated progress tracking for construction?

Without Doxel, construction progress tracking means a human walking around and visually estimating how far along each trade is. There are simply too many elements to measure and count everything.

Using computer vision, Doxel takes 360 video from a construction site and counts every element and linear square foot of material installed and compares it to the BIM. Now you have an accurate count of what is installed and percent complete. That data is then transformed into a 3D model of what is currently installed and not installed. This data makes it easy to accurately validate pay applications and change orders. The schedule report and visualizations make it easy to keep everyone on the same page at trade meetings and owner meetings.

How does Doxel use AI and machine learning?

Doxel has trained its software to recognize elements from images and to get better at doing this over time. This is automated intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Doxel takes the 360° video files, our software analyzes the images and identifies and counts each element from all visible trades, from architectural, structural, to MEP, fire-protection, millwork, etc. It then visually highlights these identified stages of construction for all the trades in a 3D-model for the project. The QA team quality checks the software’s results to further help train the software to continue improving over time.

Does Doxel help with Lean Construction?

Lean construction practices emphasize communication, collaboration, visualization of data, and continuous improvement. Doxel automated progress tracking makes it easy to adopt lean construction practices without causing extra work for field teams.

What does it take to get a project started with Doxel?

Getting Doxel started on your jobsite is easy. Just send us the BIM and we do the rest. You’ll be up and running in less than 2 weeks. Using Doxel is easy and our support team provides training to make sure you get the full benefit Doxel’s reports and visualizations.


Who purchases Doxel?

We partner with owners and general contractors in the construction industry.

How much does Doxel cost?

Pricing for Doxel depends on the capabilities you need and the amount of construction you do or the size of the individual jobsite. The more job sites you run with Doxel, the more value you receive in terms of cost savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains. We generally charge by the square foot.

Can I use Doxel on a single jobsite?


Does Doxel charge by the seat?

Doxel does not charge by the seat. Bring objective data to the whole team. You can add as many users as you like to a project to ensure collaboration.

Who can I talk to about pricing?

For more information on pricing, reach out at +1 650-720-7526 or email


What is the difference between Doxel and other reality capture tools?

Doxel has the only complete automated progress tracking solution for the construction industry. Doxel tracks all visible trades and over 80+ stages of construction. Other solutions only provide photo documentation or light progress tracking for a few trades.

Doxel captures linear feet installed, takes that data and transforms it into a live 3D as built model, schedule reports, budget reports, and production rate calculations.

Data Capture:

  • Doxel is a zero to low-lift solution where the schedule and 3D-model as inputs do NOT need any changes and can be ingested in their current forms. The 360° video data-capture is a plain-n-simple walk with the camera mounted on hard-hat or selfie-stick and doesn’t need the person to stop & take photos or tag anything in the photos/videos while in the middle of the capture process. The progress data is extracted from the 360° automatically by Doxel using AI (Machine Learning (ML) & Computer vision)
  • Other tools might need you to link the Schedule to the 3D-model, tag photos/objects during data capture to the site-plan, enter progress information into the app, etc.

Data Processing:

  • Doxel uses advanced AI algorithms (ML & Computer Vision) to extract quantities installed of work-in-place and visually identify the stage of construction from the 360° video in reference to the 3D-model of the project. A professional team of BIM/VDC & Project Controls helps in the initial, one-time onboarding process, a team of QA analysis helps train the ML algorithms, and a team of Construction Client Managers help with the tool’s adoption on the field, provide change management and training to increase value derived from the tool for the project.
  • Others tools might not extract much progress information and just map the photos onto a floor-plan/BIM, but if they do, they tend to rely more on meta-data available in the 3D-model and the information entered by the users during data-capture to derive most of the insights instead of using computer vision.

Data Deliverables:

  • Doxel delivers data in multiple formats for various stakeholders. A 3D-progress-report with color highlighted for stages and integrated 360° photos for visual understand of the project status, a slice-n-dice progress/production report for advanced analytics, and integration with third party tools for a seamless coordination
  • Other tools might provide photo documentation and limited progress information in traditional rows/columns format that tends to overwhelm the field teams with data and doesn’t provide actionable visualizations.”

Who uses Doxel?

Doxel is source of objective data used by the many different people who touch a construction project. Owner executives use Doxel’s schedule report to get objective reporting on job progress and schedule, verify payment information, and provide their site team with powerful tools that make the job easier. General contractors use Doxel to track quantities installed, percent complete, rate of work, and rely on Doxel’s visualizations for effective trade meetings. Trade partners use Doxel to track their percent complete and plan and coordinate work with other subcontractors.

Where can I download the Doxel app?

Download the Doxel app from the App Store on your iPhone.

Does one of my team members do the capture walks? Or does Doxel provide someone?

You can choose to capture the site yourself or Doxel can do it for you.

Walking the site is easy. Just put on the hard hat with the camera, start the iPhone iOS app, and walk the site as normal. Doxel has a dedicated support team to answer any questions and provide training. Most Doxel customers use existing staff to walk their sites.

If you would like Doxel to capture a site, we can provide a trained and properly insured team member to capture for you, or connect you with recommended third-party vendors.

What cameras does Doxel support?

Doxel currently supports these models: the Insta360 ONE X2 and Insta360 ONE RS.

Does Doxel support drones?

Doxel supports drone footage to capture and track exterior construction. Supported files include .MP4 and .MOV (videos) and JPEG (images).

What other software does Doxel integrate with?

Doxel integrates with common construction software like Oracle Primavera P6, Procore, Autodesk, Revizto, and more. Please see the Integrations page for a full list of current integrations.

What happens when the project schedule or BIM is updated?

Doxel is designed with recurring updates to both the model and the schedule in mind. Doxel automatically updates model changes and uses the latest schedule data, with no extra work for your team.

About Doxel

Where is Doxel located?

Doxel is located in Menlo Park, California. Doxel is on job sites all over the United States.

What is Doxel's customer support like?

Doxel has real people, ready to help. We are headquartered in Menlo Park, California with support team members spread throughout the United States.