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Doxel tracks progress on complex construction across industries like Data Centers, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more.


Technology that
works for the field

For the field to adopt & derive value, the solution should be effortless to use for the project team, provide intelligent insights, be powerful to process even the large &/or complex projects, and be integrated with tools used on the field today for scheduling & modeling


Just a simple walk

Doxel has developed a proprietary Vision-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (VSLAM) to track the position of the 360° video camera spatially within the building’s BIM. This enables the user to walk any path and the software automatically charts the path taken extracting data from the high res 4k video.


Computer Vision in Construction

Doxel leverages Machine Learning to train the algorithms to visually distinguish and identify more than 85 stages of construction of construction across all trades on a construction project. This adds a second dimension to work-in-place quantities and progress percent complete for the field team to coordinate better amongst the trade partners.


Doxel’s Integrated Construction Encylopedia (DICE)

Although every construction site is different, Doxel is able to discern patterns across job sites. The basic building block of that pattern is functional and structural object types. This hierarchical ontology encodes the catalog of parts at a higher abstraction level (e.g. trade, system, subsystem, etc.) to draw commonality across sites and types of construction.This includes, but not limited to:
• Physical quantifiable components (eg. pipes, ducts, valves, walls etc.).
• Stages of construction which define quantifiable progress measurement of individual complex components (eg. a wall object can be modeled as a cuboid but it goes through multiple stages before fully done).
• Ways to measure cumulative progress of the site (eg. 10 ducts are installed and 5 walls have been painted).


Schedule & BIM

Doxel integrates BIM and Schedule so that you can visualize plan vs actual. You also can slice-n-dice work-in-place insights in parameters such as Zones, Floors, Trades and Systems. The field team can leverage the insights in their day-to-day and weekly planning and execution. All of this is presented in a simple web application accessible from a browser without the need for expensive &/or complicated software for the field team.

Integrating Doxel was a game-changer for our team, empowering us to precision-track the progress of installation. Significant cost savings can be realized with the ability to manage a project of this magnitude in near real time.

Craig Williamson

Project Services lead

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