For Industries

Doxel tracks progress on complex construction across industries like Data Centers, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more.


Objective construction progress tracking

Mitigate schedule & budget risk on capital investments
Better data, better outcomes. Near real time, objective reporting flags issues early.
Eliminate overpayments on change orders with objective and accurate data
Get the data you need while equipping the field with tracking tools they love

Pay on hard numbers, not estimates

Change orders and pay applications are often submitted on best estimates. Pay based on objectively measured progress, not guesses.

Manage risk proactively, no surprises

You can’t solve what you can’t see. Accurate progress tracking enables you and your GC to flag & resolve production issues early.

Consensus across the project, no silos

Objective facts are at the core of responsible business practices. Arm yourself with the same data your GC and trades use to manage your project.


Industry average overbilling, eliminated by objective data


Reduction in billing friction with visual data as backup


Faster project delivery from increased labor productivity


Less time manually tracking progress with AI automation

Integrating Doxel was a game-changer for our team, empowering us to precision-track the progress of installation. Significant cost savings can be realized with the ability to manage a project of this magnitude in near real time.

Craig Williamson

Project Services lead

Just give us the BIM, we do the rest

Get started within 2 weeks with no extra engineering work involved.

Integrates with your current software

Doxel integrates with common construction software like P6, Procore, Autodesk.

Real people, ready to help

We're based in the US and we have real people ready to help you all along the way.

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