Work in Place Tracking

The most complete progress tracking in the industry

Quantities installed for 80+ stages of construction and all visible trades. Drill down to trade, floor, zone, or stage.

Save time, increase accuracy

95% reduction in time tracking and reconciling progress. Gives you insights without having to look at hundreds of photos.

Visually coordinate the team

Color-coded status for every component & every capture. Keep trades flowing and get everyone the information they need, from trade partners to the boardroom.

Work in Place Tracking
Work in Place Tracking

Reality Capture

Just walk as usual

Easy, automated capture adds no work for the field team.

Fully document your jobsite

360 cameras, drones, or lidar, we use any of these inputs needed to capture all stages of construction and analysis.

Images on hand and organized

Stay connected and informed on site progress from anywhere.

Reality Capture


Plan vs. actual for every trade

Understand progress toward key milestones based on P6/Project schedule integrations.

Production rate tracking

Compare percent complete to your schedule to get ahead or get back on track.

Automated Executive Reports

Share visual and easy to understand executive summaries comparing actual to planned progress.

Doxel Schedule
Doxel Schedule


Save time reconciling pay applications

Save hours of meetings per month with automated, objective reports tied to your schedule of values.

Maintain leverage throughout the job

Reduce overbilling 10%-20% for improved cash flow and aligned motivations near project end.

Objective data you control

Eliminate estimates and guesswork on job progress and start paying based on objective progress.

Doxel Budget


Predictive clash detections

Know when a component installed out-of-tolerance is going to clash with the next trade.

Prioritized Issue tracking

Prioritized out-of-tolerance at scale so your team can focus on the most critical issues. Integrates into your existing issue tracking workflows.

X-ray vision

See behind walls and ceilings for a historical record of your facility as built.

Doxel Quality
Doxel Quality
Doxel Quality

Just give us the BIM, we do the rest

Get started within 2 weeks with no extra engineering work involved.

Integrates with your current software

Doxel integrates with common construction software like P6, Procore, Autodesk.

Real people, ready to help

We're based in the US and we have real people ready to help you all along the way.


Built to make life easier for your entire team

Doxel helps everyone: Owners, Project Executives, Superintendents and BIM/VDC team

Works wonders across 11+ industries

Doxel is proven for construction across all major industries. See how

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